Undercover Duke

Duke Dynasty Series - Book 5

By Sabrina Jeffries

Kensington Books - June 2021

Historical Romance

Sheridan Wolfe, Duke of Armitage, is certain he and his siblings are closing in on the truth of the deaths of their family members. For so long, it had seemed tragic that his mother’s husbands had died unexpectedly. Now, they’d proven a conspiracy, as well as poisoning. It was likely that the other deaths were also murder. What they needed was information, and he was to try to get that from his half-brother’s Aunt Cora. He normally wouldn’t hesitate to investigate, but it would put him in close proximity to Miss Vanessa Pryde, a spoiled headstrong young woman who had her eye on the poet and playwright Konrad Juncker.

Vanessa was delighted when Sheridan approached her and her mother at a play. She had been enchanted with the man, but he seemed more interested in speaking with her mother. She did note his condescending tone when discussing Mr. Junker. When he suggests he help her win Mr. Juncker, she accepts his help, hoping that it would be Sheridan she would win.

Undercover Duke is a fun romance while addressing a terrible past. I loved Sheridan, and his dedication to his family. I enjoyed watching Sheridan and Vanessa’s unusual courtship as Sheridan believed he was helping her win another man, one whom she truly has no interest in. I have enjoyed all the stories in the Duke Dynasty series, and am sad this is the last story with this family.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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