The Bachelor

Duke Dynasty Series - Book 3

By Sabrina Jeffries

Kensington Books - March 2020

Historical Romance

Lady Gwyn Drake really wanted to keep her past in the past. Unfortunately, Lionel Malet kept showing up. Now, he was blackmailing her to keep quiet about their past. Unfortunately, Major Joshua Wolfe showed up, quickly sent Malet away, but also insisted on returning Gwyn home, and informing her brother of the situation. Now, Major Wolfe would be working as her bodyguard in London.

Joshua's life wasn't going as he had planned. He had been critically injured, gone through a brutal recovery, and worked for his extended family. He received half-pay, but wanted to return as a Royal Marine. He could use this opportunity to pursue that goal, but he knew better than to assume Lady Gwyn would be an easy assignment. She was an independent headstrong woman and he had to use all of his skills to watch and protect her. She was also an attractive, fascinating woman that he had to remind himself would not be a part of his future.

The Bachelor was an exciting adventure bringing two strong-willed characters to their happily-ever-after. Joshua is a valid hero, of country, his family, and Gwyn. She deserves the best, and I enjoyed watching as he slowly realizes that the best, for her, is himself. As always, I enjoyed visiting familiar characters, and watching their bickering and caring for one another. The Bachelor was another enjoyable addition to the Duke Dynasty series and I am eager to return.

Kathy Andrico -


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