A Perfect Match

Duke Dynasty Series - Book 2

Short Story on Seduction on a Snowy Night Anthology

By Sabrina Jeffries

Kensington Books - October 2019

Historical Romance

Colonel Lord Heywood Wolfe was on a mission. He needed to find Miss Katherine Nickman, and it had nothing to do with his interest in the witty woman who had written to her brother Douglas, his friend and fellow member of the Hussars. No, he had promised her brother that he would protect her from Lionel Malet. His simple plan goes awry when he is forced to protect both Kitty and her cousin Miss Cassandra Isles by taking them to Armitage Hall.

It was for her protection, not an abduction.

But it is immediately clear that Kitty was not the young lady who had written Douglas. From the first moment he meets Cass, he is enchanted by her verbal sparring. This was the woman he had known he could fall for, but she lacked the one thing that he needed. A fortune. He didn't consider himself a fortune hunter, but only with an infusion of funds could he retire and save his inheritance. If he married only for love, he would have to continue to work away from his family and lose the estate.

A Perfect Match was an entertaining interlude to tide readers until the next full length Duke Dynasty story. Heywood is a perfect hero determined to do the right thing. I enjoyed seeing him overcome the obstacles he has placed on himself to find happiness with the only woman who he would ever love. I adored revisiting this family and look forward to the next story.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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