Project Duchess

Duke Dynasty Series - Book 1

By Sabrina Jeffries

Zebra Books - July 2019

Historical Romance

Fletcher Pryde, Duke of Greycourt, had distanced himself from his family. As a child, his step-father's career had meant they had lived abroad, but he had been sent back to live in England. However, when the rest of the family had returned to England, Grey had continued to maintain the emotional distance from them. When word arrived that his step-father was dead, and his mother wanted him to come for the funeral, there was no question that he would be there for her, and his siblings.

When Grey arrived at Armitage Hall, he wasn't greeted by the expected servants. Instead, there was a young lady who had no compunction of speaking her mind and telling him exactly what she thought. Grey was intrigued by the cousin of his younger half-brother, the new Duke of Armitage, Sheridan, but Beatrice Wolfe would not be his focus while he was there, and he didn't intend to stay long.

Or so he had planned. Sheridan was certain that his father had been murdered, and possibly the previous Duke as well. His only suspect was Beatrice's brother. Also, his mother wanted to give Beatrice, and his sister, a Season, and he was the one with the most experience in society. He would teach her to dance, talk with her, learn about her brother.

And most unexpectedly, find himself falling in love with her.

Project Duchess was an exceptional introduction to Sabrina Jeffries' new Duke Dynasty series. First, there is the ironic situation of Grey's mother having been widowed by, and giving heirs to, three Dukes. I loved the vast cast of siblings, and the complex relationships they all have. Certain to come to the aid of each other, however, they still each have issues with one another that will be fascinating to see resolved in the upcoming stories. I adored Beatrice and her defense of her brother, and enjoyed watching the romance between her and Grey. I am really excited for this new series and seeing what Sabrina Jeffries does next.

Kathy Andrico -


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