The Seduction of an Unknown Lady

Series - Book 2

By Samantha James

Avon - April 2008

Historical Romance

Lord Aidan McBride had once been considered a great military strategist, and still was according to the military. But he couldn't accept what his decisions had caused. Still, that ingrained ability drew him to Fionna Hawkes. She was a mystery, a single woman who liked to walk alone at nights, ran a bookstore, and haunted him.

Fionna Hawkes was exceedingly disconcerted by the attention Aidan was giving her. She had secrets which could not be revealed. She also had a slight warning feeling that someone might be following her. Yet it was the emotions that Aidan made her feel that worried her the most.

The Seduction of an Unknown Lady was a very enjoyable read with engaging characters. I also enjoyed that although this was set in London, it didn't revolve around balls and afternoon rides. It had almost a quaint village tone. This is a sequel to The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, but completely stands on its own.

Kathy Andrico -