Bride of a Wicked Scotsman

Series - Book 3

By Samantha James

Avon - March 2009

Historical Romance

Years had passed, but the curse still remained. Such it had been since the Circle of Light had been stolen from the lands of the McDonough. Lady Maura O'Donnell promised her father as he died that she would find the ancient relic, and return it home. He would be the last victim of the curse. She would leave Ireland and find the man both she, and her father before her, were certain was a descendent of the pirate who had stolen it.

Alec McBride, the Duke of Gleneden, returned to Scotland with much more than he anticipated. He returned with a wife. Still a bit hazy about the circumstances that had led him to matrimony, Alec knew his duty and responsibilities. What he couldn't help was wonder if he had been trapped. Maura didn't appear to want his wealth, but he couldn't stop the niggling feeling that something wasn't right. She was holding back on something. Still, the more time he spent with Maura, the more he believed that they might be able to make a good match.

Maura knew that would change once he learned the truth behind their hasty vows.

Bride of a Wicked Scotsman was another phenomenal read by Samantha James. Maura was an endearing heroine determined to save her people, at any cost. Although she believes in her cause, she still feels guilty when it comes to Alec. I adored Alec, and his insistence in having Maura accept her new position as duchess. Many would have been less cordial, but Alec is the perfect hero. I've enjoyed this series, and look forward to more historical reads by Samantha James.

Kathy Andrico -