The Unexpected Gift

Short Story in A Yuletide Kiss Anthology

By Madeline Hunter

Kensington Books - October 2021

Historical Romance

A Yuletide Kiss anthology consists of three interconnected stories. They all take place concurrently at an inn with minimal staff as it is closed for the holidays. This creates quite an unusual situation where the patrons have to work with the staff for meals, with interesting results including a unique lemon pie, and other chores. Although the stories are related, and a few scenes repeat from different characters' points of views, they do each stand alone. The three stories are When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries, The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter and When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney.

Jenna Waverly had closed the inn for the holidays. The servants, except a couple, had been sent away, and she was looking forward to the quiet. But an unexpected storm brought several travelers to The White Rose Inn. Luckily, most were healthy and able, regardless if willing, to help. Status didn't matter when it came to eating and taking care of basic tasks. However, one arrival needed extra care. Lucas Avonwood had been found unconscious, and could have died if he had been left in the storm.

Lucas had been on the hunt for a scoundrel. It might not be official business for the Home Office, but to him, it was equally important. This respite in the inn might keep him from his quest, but Lucas welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the delightful innkeeper.

The Unexpected Gift was a delightful surprise of a romance. I hadn't expected the innkeeper from the A Yuletide Kiss anthology to have her own romance. Jenna is a businesswoman determined to run the inn her own way, and that includes when the inn is closed. She won't turn away anyone in need, but she has no qualms in telling them they have to pitch in to help. She enchants Lucas with her fierce independence.

Kathy Andrico -


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