The Wishing Season

Chapel Springs Series - Book 3

By Denise Hunter

Thomas Nelson - December 2014

Inspriational Romance

The Wishing Season, is the third story in the Chapel Springs series. Although connected due to focusing on one family, for the most part, this story stands on its own.

PJ McKinley saw this as the perfect opportunity to make her dreams come true. Prove to her family that she could succeed on her own, and open a restaurant in her hometown. All she had to do was convince a committee that her idea for opening a Bed & Breakfast in the old Wishing House was the best option. She was local, well liked, and this definitely would help the local economy.

Cole Evans had a dream, and saw this as the best chance of making it come true. A former foster child himself, Cole knew the difficulties foster children faced when they turned 18. No longer in the system, they could be turned out with little to no assistance as they tried to complete their senior year in high school.

When the committee can't choose one winner, the Wishing House's owner decides to give them a year to make their case. PJ can have the first floor for her restaurant - the Bed and Breakfast would have to wait. Cole could have the second floor for the kids. They both would have to make reports during the year. And wait.

And try to avoid each other. Which is of course hard when living in the same house. Never mind a possible growing attraction, which neither of them can afford. For when the year is up, one of them would have their dream come true, at the expense of the other's. An impossible situation for love to take root.

The Wishing Season is a story proving that love can indeed triumph in impossible situations. All it takes is faith, sacrifice, and hard work. Anyone can see why PJ would be ideal to win the house, she is hard working, and the business would be a boost for their town. But how can anyone begrudge Cole's plan to help children right when they need help the most? This was a touching romance as well as an eye opener to what happens to children in the foster system when they reach 18. I enjoyed the story, but was surprised by a certain event in the story that could be somewhat emotionally overwhelming to some readers.

Kathy Andrico -


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