Wired for Love

Short Story in Embrace the Romance:

Pets in Space 2 Anthology

By Michelle Howard

October 2017

Science Fiction Romance

Hunter Gils was living life as he wanted. He now ran a bar, and had left the nightmare of his past behind. The only wish he hadn't had fulfilled was Narelle Bindu. He had no doubt she wanted him as he wanted her, but she was skittish and never accepted his advances. Never came to him, that was, until she came to him needing his help.

Narelle had found a dog. She couldn't take it to her home, no pets policy, so she took the hungry animal to Hunter, certain he would help. She might have worried a little about bringing an animal into a food establishment, but it was Hunter's reaction to the dog that was shocking.

For it wasn't just a dog, it was a war mongrel. And it wasn't just flesh and bone, nor was Hunter. Bogan, the dog, had enhancements to work with his handler in the military. Hunter had been such a handler, and insisted that Bogan needed to be returned to the government. Narelle, however, knew that wasn't an option she could accept, and was equally determined to have Hunter's help.

Wired for Love was an enjoyable romance with entertaining characters. Hunter and Narelle were perfect together. The history of the war mongrels and their handlers was fascinating. It was touching watching as working with Bogan forced Hunter to confront his past.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com