Surrender To the Devil

The Scoundrels of St. James Series - Book 3

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - July 2009

Historical Romance

Sterling Mabry, Duke of Greystone, wanted Frannie Darling. In his bed. He was a man who life had taught that he should go after what he wanted, now. There may not be a chance later. So, he made her an offer. It could never be anything more. Not only did he need to find a wife of appropriate social status, he would need a wife capable of living a life alone once he left her so he could live reclusive in the country.

Perhaps if Frannie had had a different upbringing, she would have discounted Sterling's offer, and been offended. Instead, she had grown up on the streets. She had been raped as a child, and worked as the bookkeeper at Dodger's club. She spoke with prostitutes, and haunted the rookeries at night searching for boys that she could bring to her orphanage. She was a confident woman who knew what she wanted. She wanted Sterling, and this one chance for a better memory. Then she would be able to dedicate her life to saving lost children.

What she didn't count on was an enemy from the past who didn't like Frannie rescuing the boys. Sterling never anticipated learning from Frannie how much he was missing from life. Both find themselves in danger of losing their hearts. But it is an outside threat that will bring all of Feagan's children together again to once again protect Frannie.

Surrender to the Devil was an emotional read guaranteed to leave readers eager for more. Most women of that time would have been appalled by Sterling's offer, but Frannie had too many "life experiences" to be so offended. I adored the self-assured attitude she held. She didn't allow for prejudices or strictures. Sterling matured through the story, and was more than the perfect hero for Frannie. The highlight was Feagan's lads, as Frannie calls them, and their loving "interference" in her life. I look forward to the last lads finding their own loves.

Kathy Andrico -


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