Beauty Tempts the Beast

Sins for All Seasons Series - Book 6

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - October 2020

Historical Romance

Althea Stanwick had once lived a different life. One filled with plenty, where worry was over a dress and the latest gossip. Then their lives had crumbled. Her father had been a traitor, and he had been stripped of his title. Now, she and her two brothers were penniless, their friends had turned their backs on them, and she was forced to work in a pub. Life was now dangerous, and she’d had to face hard facts. One of which was that she needed to find a way forward, independent of her brothers.

From the moment Benedict Trewlove saw Thea, he knew she didn't belong. He was impressed with her fortitude, and determination to make her own way. He and his siblings had done the same. Sold as babies, unwanted by their parents, their mum had made a loving home for them. They had all learned, and grown powerful in their own rights. He was Beast, he protected those he called his own, and many were prostitutes. But he wanted a better life for them. He wanted them educated, and able to secure jobs that gave them pride.

So he made an agreement with Thea. She would move into his establishment, and teach the ladies. Not only educating them, but also training them for new careers. In return, he would pay Thea well, and help train her for the new life she planned.

Beauty Tempts the Beast is the final story in Ms Heath's Sins for All Seasons series. Beast does not live up to his name, unless it is to protect someone who is under his protection. Otherwise, he is gentle, caring, so loving to his family, and someone Thea is finding difficult to resist knowing her plans for her future would exclude him. I loved watching the Trewloves gather and rally as they always do for one another, and sad to see the end of this series. Although hopefully they may make appearances in Ms Heath next duo of stories.

Kathy Andrico -


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