The Earl Takes a Fancy

Sins for All Seasons Series - Book 5

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - April 2020

Historical Romance

Fancy Trewlove knew her destiny. Her entire life, even her name, had led to this. She was to live a fancy life, in a fancy home. Unlike her siblings, they had been unwanted, given to her mother with a little bit of money. Although lacking a father, she had been wanted. Growing up, she had been guided by her older siblings, educated, and knew she was to find herself a titled husband.

In the meantime, she had opened her bookstore. She loved not only finding the perfect book for each customer, but helping those in her community by teaching them to read. It was her goal to help as many people as she could, and although someday she would be married and have different priorities, her store, and the classes would continue.

When she meets Matthew Sommersby, she knows that he is not a man she can be interested in. She is preparing for her debut, and although he becomes a friend, he could be no more. She hopes that whoever she marries is as caring as Matthew, as he is willing to teach the classes she misses.

Matthew, Earl of Rosemont, was tired of society. He had been tricked into marriage, and he wanted to avoid the matchmaking misses. Settling into relative obscurity made for an uneventful quiet life, until he walked into the bookstore and met Fancy. She challenged and intrigued him, but she also had the one requirement for a husband that all the ladies wanted from him. His title.

The Earl Takes a Fancy is the fifth installment of Ms Heath's Sins for All Seasons series. I loved Fancy's dedication to her store and her eagerness to share her love of reading. Both with those who came in to buy books, and those who she helped teach to read. Matthew was the perfect match for Fancy, even without his title. It was enjoyable to see the Trewloves, and I eagerly await the last story, Beast's.

Kathy Andrico -