The Duchess in His Bed

Sins for All Seasons Series - Book 4

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - August 2019

Historical Romance

Aiden Trewlove made his money by allowing women to indulge in a little harmless fun. They came to the women's club, some wore masks, but all were safe. They could play games, dance, and escape the tedium of society. He didn't take an active interest in them, until the night she came. Slowly. He would slowly break through her barriers, have her remove her mask, and he would learn her secrets. He never expected the ensnaring of his own heart.

Recently widowed, Selena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing, was in a quandary. She needed Aiden's help. She had thought her plan to be simple, and it was the only way to help her sisters have a future. Never did she anticipate the complexities and difficulties she and Aiden would have to face. She hadn't considered it might become a matter of the heart.

The Duchess in His Bed is the fourth installment of Ms Heath's Sins for All Seasons series. Selena is a strong heroine trying to find a way to help her family. Although she hadn't had a romantic love for her husband, she had loved and cared for the man, and mourned him. Aiden is dedicated to his family, and willing to step in and help when needed. I enjoyed visiting with the Trewlove family, but didn't connect with these characters as much as I have the others. However, I am really looking forward to the next story. Baby sister Fancy, who just opened up her bookstore, has her romance next.

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