When A Duke Loves A Woman

Sins for All Seasons Series - Book 2

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - September 2018

Historical Romance

When Antony Coventry, Duke of Thornley, found himself at the altar without a bride, he decided to go out and search for her. She wasn't ill as he had told the attendees. She had fled to Whitechapel so he had followed. He never expected that it might change his life forever, if he even survived the night.

Gillie Trewlove lived her life as she chose. She had once followed in her brothers' footsteps, and that strong independent will had led her to open her own tavern. She had a head for business, and a heart for helping others. And she didn't hold with any misdeeds, which was why when she saw a man being set upon by some thugs, she immediately went to his aid. What she found was a seriously injured man desperately in need of help. Not just for his life, but through his recovery and in helping him find another woman. Gillie was well aware that there could only be another woman for Thorne, regardless of the growing feelings they both were starting to have for one another.

When A Duke Loves A Woman is a lovely addition to Lorraine Heath's Sins for All Seasons series. Gillie is a fascinating, some might think contradictory, character. True she is tough in spirit and independent, yet touched with a dash of the whimsical. But mostly, she is a caring person who tries her best to help those in need. Even a duke who most might think needs for nothing. Thorne is a fascinating hero who granted is miffed at being left at the altar, but still cares enough to ensure the safety of his runaway bride. I loved watching as these two navigate to their happily ever after. When A Duke Loves A Woman is the second in the series, and I eagerly anticipate the third.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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