Beyond Scandal and Desire

Sins for All Seasons Series - Book 1

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - February 2018

Historical Romance

When Lady Aslyn Hastings had lost her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Hedley had brought her into their home and raised her. She loved them and their son, which was good considering there had always been an expected betrothal for them. But she began to question the love between herself and Kip. He didn't inspire passion, he didn't consider her feelings and opinions and planned to keep secrets from her. Ones that threatened the security of their future. When Mick Trewlove crashed into her life, Anslyn realized just what she was missing. With Mick, she felt an instant connection. She was certain he wouldn't live a life separate from her. She trusted him and felt safe with him. She knew she could trust him with their future.

She was so very wrong.

Mick had been raised by a woman who became a mother to himself, as well as his adopted, for lack of a better word, siblings. It had been a hard life, but a loving one. Now, although he was a successful businessman, there was still one goal he needed to reach. He knew who his father was, and wanted an acknowledgment. He was even willing to ruin both the man's legitimate son and the son's fiancee, to reach his goal. Once meeting Kip and Anslyn, he realized just how easy it would be to lure them into his trap. After spending time with Anslyn, he realizes that he doesn't just want her for retribution, but for his own. But she was a lady, he an unacknowledged illegitimate offspring. Regardless of the success of his plans, there could be no future for them.

Beyond Scandal and Desire introduces readers to Lorraine Heath's newest series, Sins for All Seasons. It is always difficult when a hero or heroine has such nefarious plans. Mick, however, quickly shows his caring side especially when it comes to his siblings. His siblings are each unique and entertaining and I am eager to see how they adapt to finding love as the series progresses.

Kathy Andrico -


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