The Return of the Duke

Once Upon a Dukedom Series - Book 3

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - July 2022

Historical Romance

Marcus Stanwick had been born, educated, and raised for one purpose. To become the next Duke of Wolfford. When his father was executed for treason, the family had also lost all their possessions, and the title had reverted to the crown. They had been temporarily imprisoned and questioned before being released. He had watched his mother die, and he, and his two siblings, had learned to fend for themselves in the murky underbelly of London.

While things had worked out well for both his brother and sister, who were both happily married, Marcus was still on a mission. He intended to identify the others involved in the plot to kill the queen. And he knew who he needed to see. His father's mistress.

Marcus obviously had a bit of animosity for the woman who had brought his mother and family so much sorrow. But as he works with Esme, he discovers a woman that regardless what their investigation yields, Esme is a woman he does not wish to live without.

Esme Lancaster had a knack for observation and learning secrets. Her father had taught her well, and she needed all her skills in the profession she had chosen. But she too had been caught in the aftermath of the treacherous plot. She too had been questioned. Marcus might have come to her hoping for answers, but it was only if they worked together that they might find a way to discover who truly had been the mastermind.

The Return of the Duke unites two individuals who have their own reasons for uncovering the truth. Ms Heath deftly weaves their stories and lives until they form a cohesive unit investigating the truth of Marcus's father, and his involvement in the plot. But it is their discovery of how perfect they are for one another that is the true gem. It was enjoyable to also revisit previous characters, and see some who I hope to read about soon.

Kathy Andrico -


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