The Duchess Hunt

Once Upon a Dukedom Series - Book 2

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - October 2021

Historical Romance

His plan may not have worked the first time, but Hugh Brinsley-Norton hadn't followed all the rules himself. After all, the lady who had chosen another hadn't actually applied. No, he had chosen her based on someone else's letter. But he still needed a wife, and he believed in his plan, so he assigned the duty to his - ever diligent, certain to accomplish the task better than he had - secretary.

The advertisement for secretary to the Duke of Kingsland may not have been open for a woman, but Penelope Pettypeace had marched right in and shown she was the best candidate for the position. And she had proven herself over the years to where Hugh relied on her for almost everything. Even his future happiness. Although that wasn't part of the instructions he had given, but Penelope had every intention of finding the absolute perfect wife for him. After all, this was the man that she loved, and his happiness was of upmost importance for her, if not for him.

The Duchess Hunt was a wonderful romance uniting two individuals perfect for one another. Which is quite obvious to many around them, but Penelope and Hugh are quite blind by status and circumstances. It was a delight to see them navigate the challenges they faced to find their happily ever after together. I had been intrigued by Penelope since we briefly met her at the end of Scoundrel of My Heart and her story proved satisfyingly fascinating. Although this is part of a series, it does stand on its own.

Kathy Andrico -


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