Scoundrel of My Heart

Once Upon a Dukedom Series - Book 1

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - April 2021

Historical Romance

Lord Griffith Stanwick lived a carefree life. As the spare, he didn't have responsibilities. He also didn't receive much attention from his father. He had a better relationship with his sister Althea and brother Marcus. In fact, he seemed to often find himself in the company of Althea and her friend Lady Kathryn Lambert, a young lady who challenged him at every turn. One he was even willing to help regarding a duke searching for a wife.

In order for Kathryn to gain the inheritance she desperately wanted, the cottage which held such precious memories, she had to marry a titled gentleman. A man like Griff might pique her interest, but it was only someone like the enigmatic Duke of Kingsland that she could marry. The Duke was asking eligible young women to submit letters of their attributes for him to decide on a wife, and Kathryn knew it was an opportunity she needed to pursue, and appreciated Griff's help.

Life can take unexpected turns. Sometimes with the most unfortunate outcomes. Griff's father was convicted of treason. Both Griff and Marcus were brought in for questioning, and although they were deemed innocent, the entire family lost the title, home and possessions. They had also lost people they had once called friends. Marcus sought those involved in the plot, while Griff used his talents to earn money to support them. He was an outcast, a man without title, yet the one woman who was again in his sights was none other than Lady Kathryn Lambert.

Scoundrel of My Heart is a continuation of Ms Heath's Sins for All Seasons series. First, we see Althea, the heroine from Beauty Tempts the Beast and Griff before they lost everything. Then the story jumps to after that story, and we see Kathryn and Griff reunite. I really enjoyed seeing more of the challenges facing their family. I was fascinated with all of the characters and am eager for the next story in this intriguing series.

Kathy Andrico -


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