Pleasures Of A Notorious Gentleman

London's Greatest Lovers Series - Book 2

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - December 2010

Historical Romance

Stephen Lyons had left London as a disappointment to his family, but a memorable lover to the ladies. His brothers had purchased his commission, and timing had sent him to Crimea. War had changed him, that was evident by the scars on his body. It had also robbed him of his memories. When he awoke after that last fateful battle, his previous memory was of sitting with his sister-in-law. He had no memories of leaving London, no memories of the war, and no memories of the woman who arrived claiming he had fathered her child.

Mercy Dawson had joined Miss Nightingale in helping England's bravest. She had witnessed the best and worst of men. But as happened with most women, it had been Stephen who had earned her devotion. She was willing to do almost anything for him. Giving up her good name was a small sacrifice for being able to call his son her own. She had seen his name on the list of the dead, and there was nothing she wasn't willing to do in order to keep John - even return to England so that he can be near his father's family.

When she presented John to his uncle and grandmother, she never expected Stephen to walk into the parlor. With one word, her entire world could be whisked away.

Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman tells the tale of a man who remembers thriving in his notoriety, but not understanding his easy settling into respectability. He may not remember the events of the war, but its effects on his character remained. Mercy was the perfect heroine for him, willing to do anything for the son she loved so much. As the second story in the London's Greatest Lovers series, readers would have known of his disastrous attempt at helping his sister-in-law a few years prior. Readers would also hope that he had grown up and learned from his brother Morgan's mistakes in his own marriage. Instead, Stephen fumbles along, not quite as mature as his still unmarried younger brother Ainsley, but finally on the right path towards his own happily ever after. Now after readers have been treated with back to back releases of the first two stories in the series, they will have to lament the wait to learn the secrets of the youngest, but secretive and powerful, brother.

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