Passions Of A Wicked Earl

London's Greatest Lovers Series - Book 1

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - November 2010

Historical Romance

On his wedding night, Morgan Lyons had anticipated the bride he had watched grow from a child. Someone who he believed was now his. Granted a woman whose dowry would salvage his pride, but whose smile he also anticipated. Instead he found his brother in his bed. With her. There had been no question of what would happen next. He had left Claire at his estate, and enjoyed the women of London.

Claire had naively ruined her marriage, and knew Morgan had no desire to see her. However, she couldn't allow her sister Beth to be forced into a marriage, so their father was allowing one Season, and only Morgan could help. She would use this time to help Beth find a better match, but if she was able to heal the rift in her marriage, even better.

Passions of a Wicked Earl is an intense romance of two individuals fighting the demons of their pasts. Claire had quite innocently blundered terribly, and regardless of the disregard her husband had treated her to since their marriage, she acknowledged that it was her fault. However, she was no longer the child he had married. She had matured and was determined to stand up and fight for her husband. At first glance, as a man who abandoned his wife, and as an adulterer, Morgan could have been considered the villain of the story. Instead, Lorraine Heath developed a sympathetic hero that many readers will swoon for. Once understood, his reactions were, for the most part, perfectly warranted, and his dreams and fears endearing.

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