Girls of Flight City

By Lorraine Heath

HarperCollins Books - April 2022

Historical Fiction

Hitler was waging war in Europe, but America was staying neutral. It was early 1941, and Jessie Lovelace's life would never be the same. Both she and her brother, her twin, had been taught to be pilots by their father. Her twin had chosen to go to England and enlist and use his skills to fight in the war. Because of his actions, he may never be allowed to return home. If he survived. Her father had recently died, and now, she learned that her family was selling the airfield that was so important to her and her father.

Yet there was an opportunity. England needed to train pilots, and their town was hoping that this would be the perfect location. And it was. With Englishmen arriving, Jessie's experience would be invaluable. If only the men could look past her being a woman. But she wasn't the only person who would be helping. These men had been living in a nightmare, and this was the first respite they truly had for years. Some people would welcome them into their homes. Some would listen to their stories. Some would come to love them. But this was a time of war, where there would also be heartbreak and loss.

Girls of Flight City shines a light in a corner of history that many, including myself, were unaware of. This is not a genre I would typically read, but as a fan of Ms Heath since her first book, I was more than willing to follow her writing. I am so thrilled that I did. It is difficult to read knowing as the pages, and time passes, the attack on Pearl Harbor and America's entry into the war approaches. Although this is fiction, the emotions, loss, and love were true. It also addressed Americans fighting for another country when America is not in the fight. The risks not just to their lives, but to their futures if they survived. But freedom to many is worth that risk. This was an exceptional read presenting a fascinating, important piece that contributed to the triumph in WWII. I also want to note at the end of the acknowledgments where it mentions the BFTS Museum and Oakland Memorial Park. That brought home how this may have been a work of fiction, but was fact for so many.

Kathy Andrico -


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