In Want of a Viscount

The Chessmen: Masters of Seduction Series - Book 3

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - February 2024

Historical Romance

John Castleton, Viscount Wyeth, known to most as Rook, had gone to the Elysium to see his brother Aiden Trewlove, one of the many children sired by his father. His intent had only been to give Aiden news their father was dying, but Aiden needed help. One of the ladies at his private club had a request. A kiss. Nobody should be the wiser. And it was unlikely that he would see the foreigner again.

Leonora Garrison had travelled from America with her brother and mother to find investors for their new invention. She was focused on the machine she was certain would transform lives, while her mother was focused on her marrying to improve her own standing in New York society. Leonora had never expected to see the man who had given her the kiss, and was shocked when he was a potential investor.

Rook was captivated by Leonora and her thirst for mechanical knowledge. He was even more fascinated by her beautiful passionate personality. However, the disgrace his father had brought to their family was something he didn’t want to burden a wife with.

In Want of a Viscount is a beautiful romance of a hero totally enamored with a smart, inquisitive woman. I loved reading about her tinkering with objects, and her obvious obsession with always learning. I enjoyed revisiting with the Trewloves from the previous series. I look forward to learning what's next.

Kathy Andrico -


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