The Notorious Lord Knightly

The Chessmen: Masters of Seduction Series - Book 2

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - July 2023

Historical Romance

Rumors were always about in London, but with the publication of a scandalous book, rumors were more rampant than ever. Was it a work of fiction, or was it truly a memoir as the title indicated? And what about the mysterious Lord K? Was he the villain as the story led readers to believe, or the hero they wished him to be with a possible sequel? But the questions that burned most? Who wrote the book, and was Lord K based on Arthur Pennington, the Earl of Knightly?

Knight not only recognized a scene in the book, but he knew who it had been with. True, not everything was exact, but he suspected Miss Regina Leyland to be the author. Regina, the one woman he had wanted to marry, but instead had broken her heart and deserved all the scorn she tossed his way.

Regina was about to move forward with her life. A result of an affair, she had never doubted her parents love for her, or for each other, but society didn’t look kindly to one in her position. However, a very nice man was courting her, and she was determined to keep him in her thoughts.

Not the rogue who had broken her heart so thoroughly years before.

The Notorious Lord Knightly is lovely reunion romance full of heartbreak and hearts healed. Through intermittent flashbacks, readers see the initial courtship and love Knight and Regina had, and the devastation their separation brought to both of them. Luckily, it is only a few years later that slowly they are able to reunite and confront what had divided them before. I enjoyed seeing these two reunite, and also visiting with other characters from previous stories. I look forward to the last Chessmen story.

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