Between the Devil and Desire

The Scoundrels of St. James Series - Book 2

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - January 2009

Historical Romance

The newly widowed Olivia Standford, the Duchess of Lovingdon, had not expected any surprises at the reading of her husband's will. As the only heir, her five year old son would inherit. She wistfully hoped that the London home would be left to her, although that too would probably be left for her son.

The first surprise was learning that the notorious Jack Dodger was present for the will. How her husband came to know him was a mystery. Jack represented everything her husband didn't do - womanize, gamble, drink. Upon learning why he was there, Olivia's world fell apart.

Jack was a businessman, and he had been given the perfect opportunity to add to his coffers. He was simply to act as guardian to the late Duke of Lovingdon's son, and he would inherit everything not entailed. Jack had met the man on a few occasions, spoken to him even less. He would be more than willing to act as guardian for the two years it would take Olivia to come out of mourning - as he would be sure to find a husband for her to marry quickly, and then his responsibilities would be at an end.

As they battle one another in the drawing room, it only stands to reason that there is a different type of passion directing their actions. Soon, Olivia learns that there is much more to Jack than what she had learned through gossip, and Jack finds that there is more to life than money. But in the end, she is still a Duchess, and he a pickpocket from the streets...could there be a way for them to find happiness together?

Between the Devil and Desire was everything I was expecting, and more. I had been wanting Jack's story since meeting him in In Bed with the Devil. His past, both explicit and inferred, had endeared him to this reader. Olivia was the perfect heroine for him - capable of standing up to him, and soothing his soul. The inheritance allowed Jack to become the man he was always capable of being. Add in the other members of Feagan's crew, and Between the Devil and Desire was full of fascinating characters. I am eager for the rest of them to each find their own love.

Kathy Andrico -


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