To Scotland, With Love

MacLean Curse Series - Book 2

By Karen Hawkins

Pocket - September 2007

Regency Romance

Lord Gregor MacLean's best friend Venetia Oglivie had been abducted. As could be expected, this upset him greatly. Slightly unexpected was the snowstorm that was now blanketing England with April snowdrifts, for the manifestation of the curse in Gregor were flurries when he was upset or mad.

Venetia had no idea she'd been abducted. She honestly thought she was on the way to see her mother who had become sick. It wasn't until they were far off-course did she realize Lord Ravenscroft's true intentions. Lucky for her, the falling snow proved Gregor was obviously in a temper and possibly on his way. Unluckily, this meant that the swift moving carriage was likely to overturn. And it did.

Thus Gregor, Venetia, and Ravenscroft end up in an inn where Gregor must pretend to be the guardian of sister and brother wards - Venetia and Ravenscroft. This wouldn't have been too difficult to pull off, except that the roads had become impassable for additional travelers, and soon the inn was full.

Gregor wanted nothing more than to keep themselves away from the others, but this was a continual piece of contention between him and Venetia. Where Gregor believed people should take care of issues themselves, Venetia felt it her duty to help others whenever possible. Soon, they were all embroiled in the schemes of the other travelers, much to Gregor's chagrin.

Also, Gregor and Venetia both begin to recognize the passion brewing under the cover of their friendship. The longer they spent in close proximity, the more Venetia fears this. For if they follow through on those feelings, they could irreparably destroy their close friendship.

To Scotland, With Love was entertaining from beginning to end. The curse is very fascinating, and I'm anxious to learn more about Gregor's siblings, and how their tempers affect the weather. However, the curse is very slight, as is the interaction with his siblings. In fact, the sister from the first book is not in this story, so it does stand on its own. However, I always enjoy Karen Hawkins humor, characters, and stories, so I plan on reading each of the stories in this series.

Kathy Andrico -