Interrupting Starlight

Short Story in Pets in Space 4 Anthology

By Kyndra Hatch

October 2019

Science Fiction Romance

Two years. For two years Tessa and her fellow survivors had existed on the planet, only for one to die after another. Now Tessa was alone, save for Squeak who had become a pet for them. Now, when she thinks she is about to be saved, she discovers that her rescuers are actually the enemy.

Normally, L'Den might have agreed with both his co-pilot, and his mogha A'rch. They wanted to leave the human on the desert planet. He could understand their point, humans hated them, and had betrayed them at every turn. But he couldn't resist the pull he felt towards Tessa. She was his life mate.

Life aboard the Korthan starship wasn't anything Tessa expected. She was called a guest, which she assumed was their version of prisoner, she wasn't tortured, but treated by a doctor, and her food wasn't poisoned. Soon, she was walking among the residents, and learning that so much of what she knew about them, just might not be true.

Interrupting Starlight is another gem of a romance. I loved learning more about the Korthans and their relationships with their moghas. A’rch was entertaining as he was so certain that something wasn't right in Tessa's room – and of course he was right, Squeak was there. L'Den was a wonderful hero, and I enjoyed watching as his and Tessa’s relationship grew. I would love to return to the After the Fall series.

Kathy Andrico -