After the Fall

Short Story in Embrace the Passion:

Pets in Space 3 Anthology

By Kyndra Hatch

October 2018

Science Fiction Romance

A'ryk Chiste of Korth had exiled himself, and his two moghas on a barren planet after they had lost the war to the Invaders. When one of the Invaders crash lands, he doesn't care what the moghas say, he has no intention of helping the human. They not only destroyed their planet, but almost eradicated all moghas. But K'mi had bonded with the human, just as H'tch was bonded to him. And little was worse than separating a mogha from their alpha.

To say Lyra Merrick was shocked when she woke after the crash would be an understatement. First, a fox spoke to her. No, it was a mogha, and she claimed that they had a bond. But seeing one, and then a second, mogha wasn't the greatest shock. It was the realization that they were the nightmares she had heard of, hellhounds, and they were with a Savage of Korth.

But A'ryk didn't act like a savage. Granted, he wasn't the most personable of individuals, he gave orders, and, ok, he did act a bit of the savage. But he wasn't the evil monster she had been raised to believe. And the moghas were sweet creatures. As time passed, Lyra began to wonder what else she had been taught that might not be true.

After the Fall was an intriguing romance with unique characters, complex world building, and a fascinating enemies to lovers romance. I adored each character from the moment they were introduced. K'mi was sweet and innocent, H'tch was protective of A'ryk and K'mi, Lyra was a human learning that perhaps her people weren't the innocents she had always believed, and A'ryk was a hero who had lost a war but was about to win the love of his life. After the Fall was a fascinating short story romance with the perfect HEA.

Kathy Andrico -