Take Your Medicine

Sequel to Surprise

By Arianna Hart

Samhain - January 2007

Romantic Suspense

Jared Romero simply needed a place to hide for three weeks. After being shot, he also needed a doctor who wouldn't ask any questions. Luckily he was near one who he knew he could trust. Macayla Sullivan may have always thwarted his romantic pursuits, but she was the best friend of Samara, his good friend Connor's wife. She had helped him before when Samara and Connor had been in trouble.

Macayla had been trying to figure out what she would do with her three weeks of vacation. Hiding with Jared in a remote cabin had not been the ideal solution, although her libido disagreed with her. As the days passed, and Jared grew stronger from his wounds, Macayla worried that she would weaken in her stance to say "no". Then she knew her heart would be at risk. Although Jared was working for the good guys, he thrived on the danger that took him all around the world. She knew he wouldn't be happy with the restrictions of her life as an OB/GYN.

I was eager to read Take Your Medicine when I learned it was the sequel to Surprise, and I was not disappointed in the least. I had been hoping to read a story about Jared and Macayla since the scene where they met in Surprise. The characters were engaging, the banter between Jared and Macayla entertaining, and the suspense didn't overpower the story. Arianna Hart is proving to be an author to keep an eye on. I consider her a rising star.