Cobwebs Over the Moon

Short Story in Moon Fever Anthology

By Lori Handeland

Pocket - October 2007

Paranormal Romance

Carly Kelly had received many shocks in just a few hours. She'd been under attack, to only have the attacker burst into flames when shot. Then she'd gone to see her father, only his two companions were already dead, and he died shortly after saying that her mother was still alive and not dead as she'd been told.

So she hightailed it to Alaska to find out the truth, only to find her mother missing, and now she and her mom's "nurse", Dylan Shepard, were on the run from men, and wolves. Together, they would have to traverse the wild Alaskan land in search of her mother, ward off the evil chasing them, and fall in love.

Cobwebs Over the Moon was a fascinating romance that was non-stop action. I enjoyed the characters and the world this author has created. However, I tend to get pulled out of a story when it is written in first-person, and that did happen with this story.

Cobwebs Over the Moon is a short story in the exciting paranormal anthology Moon Fever. Additional stories include Tempting Fate by Susan Sizemore, The Darkness Within by Maggie Shayne and Crazy for the Cat by Caridad Pineiro.

Kathy Andrico -