Dark Guard

Galactic Gladiators - House of Rone Series - Book 5

Short Story in Pets in Space 4 Anthology

By Anna Hackett

October 2019

Science Fiction Romance

Calla Ryss had been looking forward to working on a spaceship, even if only as a chef. That had quickly turned to horror when they'd been attacked and captured for slavery. That was behind her now. They had been rescued by cyborg gladiators who continued to look for, and rescue, captives. But Calla didn't have any special skills to assist. She could, however, help the animal stuck on a ledge outside her window.

Rescuing Calla a second time hadn't been Zaden's plan for the evening, but he was willing to always be there if she needed his help. That was all he would give her. His abilities left him a danger, and he welcomed being able to suppress his emotions. Feeling Calla in his arms generated something inside him. Learning that she was still in danger, he needed to do anything to protect her.

Dark Guard is a sweet endearing adventurous romance. I loved the characters, and Zaden's feline friend who could show up just about anywhere. Calla is trying to find a way to fit into her new life, and Zaden is an observant hero willing to help Calla find her way. This is a fascinating world and I would enjoy returning again in the future.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com