War Games

Endgame Ops Series - Prequel

Short Story in The Way of the Warrior Anthology

By Lea Griffith

Sourcebooks Casablanca - May 2015

Contemporary Romance

Olivia Bentwood was on a mission, and it was to help a convicted killer to escape from a high security prison. Oh, he was a scary one. Large, powerful, Delta Force, and said to have been responsible for the deaths of the members of his team. But on his deathbed, her brother Michael had spent his last moments telling her about one Anthony Rook Granger and she had given him a promise. One she'd fulfill regardless of what Rook thought. Or said - or didn't say.

Rook didn't know what to make of the woman who visited him in prison, then so unexpectedly helped him to escape. She was a novice. CIA, maybe, but the men who had framed him were experts. Deadly to any who opposed them. She shouldn't be in their crosshairs, but she was darn determined to fulfill her promise. But he couldn't offer her anything. He might be out, but he would always be on the run. There might be a team willing to go after these traitors, but it would be dangerous. Too dangerous for him to allow Vivi to put herself in.

Luckily or him, Vivi had opinions of her own.

War Games is an intense introduction to Lea Griffith's new Endgame Ops series. Circumstances have made Rook pull back and distrust everyone, but Vivi calmly, and surreptitiously, bypasses all the walls he has built and brings Rook back to life. But what kind of life can a convicted killer offer someone like her? It was fun watching Vivi prove to Rook that his new life was exactly what she needed too.

The Way of the Warrior Anthology supports the Wounded Warrior Project and includes: Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker, In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann, Torn by Kate SeRine, War Games by Lea Griffith, Beauty and the Marine by Tina Wainscott, NSDQ by M. L. Buchman, SEALed with Passion by Anne Elizabeth, and Home Fire Inferno by Suzanne Brockmann

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