Colorado Secrets

Under the Colorado Skies Series #1

By Jacquie Greenfield

By Five Star Publishing - June 2009

Contemporary Western Romance

Kara Smith Garrison needed money. Since the death of her husband, her finances had been decreasing, and she was in danger of losing the ranch. Selling horses, and finding a job wasn't making ends meet. Although she knew the kids loved the ranch, she acknowledged that perhaps it would be best to just sell it. Not only would it help financially, but it would alleviate the demands on her kids, in particular, her eldest, Joshua.

Brad Dalton was captivated with Kara from the moment he met her. Learning of her circumstances, he makes a point of hiring her, wanting her near. He would like to pursue a relationship with Kara, but he also wants to expand his firm with a new office closer to his daughters. It would mean long hours and sacrifices. He would like Kara to go with him, but she has her own responsibilities, and reservations.

They both harbor secrets from their past. Destructive, terrifying secrets that could tear them apart, or bring them closer than either of them imagine. They had met years ago as kids, and Brad had had a secret crush on Kara. Life has brought them together again, and only together, facing the secrets of their pasts will they be able to create a future together.

Colorado Secrets, although published second, is actually the first book in Jacquie Greenfield's Under the Colorado Skies Series. After reading Colorado Pick-Up Man, I had high expectations for this story, and those expectations were exceeded. This was an intense emotional read with captivating characters who I adored. It was fascinating watching scenes play out that had been referred to in Colorado Pick-Up Man. I hope that Ms Greenfield continues this series with stories for all of the Garrison and Dalton children.

Kathy Andrico -


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