Inherited Stars Series

Short Story in Pets in Space Anthology

By Laurie A. Green

October 2016

Science Fiction Romance

Snakes on a spaceship. Navigator Taro Shall had been assigned to get an exterminator, and he'd heard that there was only one person he should see - Dini Kemm. Except Adini wasn't the exterminator, she instead had StarDogs, genetically created animals that were exterminating experts.

Taro didn't believe the Captain would agree to having an animal onboard to be an exterminator, but Adini was certain that a demonstration would prove the animal's worth. What starts as a simple business arrangement quickly deteriorates when Adini is threatened and Taro makes a split second decision that will change both of their lives.

StarDogs are adorable, useful, and valuable pets, while StarDog was a fast-paced action filled romance. I loved the StarDogs, so sweet, yet ferocious against their deadly quarry. I enjoyed the romance between Taro and Adini as they navigate to a future together. It is obvious that this was part of a series, although it does stand on its own. There are just enough questions left at the end to whet the readers' appetites to want to read more about other characters.

Kathy Andrico -