NovelTea Next Door

NovelTea Series - Book 2

By Cindy K. Green

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Romantic Suspense

It had been only a month since Grant Gerard had met, and been helped by, Juliet Truesdale. In that time, nothing had been gained in a personal relationship. They worked together now, she had joined as a consultant for the agency, but that was all. He hoped to change that, and his new case proved most opportune.

A lead had developed in tracking someone almost untrackable, and that lead lived in the same apartment building as Juliet. This was the perfect opportunity for Grant, and he was determined to succeed. He would take down the bad guy, and he would pursue Juliet.

NovelTea Next Door was a very entertaining installment in the NovelTea series involving Grant and Juliet. It somewhat stands on its own. Although the previous book isn't needed, it is left with many loose ends that I expect to be addressed in a (several?) later story. I enjoyed having Grant's POV, and learning more about his character. However, there was a lot missing from Juliet, which probably will be explained later. I adore this series and eagerly anticipate finding out what future adventures await these characters.

Kathy Andrico -