Moving Forward

Woodland Park Firefighters Romance Series - Book 2

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Berkley - August 2023

Contemporary Romance

Greg Tebo didn't make it a habit to date women he saved, but from the moment he met Kristen Werner, he was interested. So after the fire at her garden center, he had followed up by checking in on her at the hospital. It wasn't uncommon for a firefighter to follow-up with someone who had needed their assistance, but a flat out rejection to his interest in a date was. However, Kristen was willing to be friends. He could work with that.

Kristen had been burned before by someone who had promised to be with her forever. Instead, she had been abandoned. She wasn't sure she was ready to test another relationship, but she was always willing to have a friend. Not that she actually wanted Greg only as a friend. The more time she spent with Greg, the more Kristen realized that she would have to decide how much of an emotional risk she would be willing to take with him.

Moving Forward is a poignant romance between two individuals overcoming their pasts. Greg still had nightmares from his service, and Kristen had a nightmare of an ex-fiance. I loved the slow, gentle pace they set for getting to truly know one another. There is a secondary romance for a young employee of Kristen, but it was equally fascinating to see her learn about how to start the process to become a firefighter. Shelley Shepard Gray delivers comfort reads, and Moving Forward is no exception. Between beautiful settings, and warm, caring characters, readers want to visit her books again and again.

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