Coming Home

Woodland Park Firefighters Romance Series - Book 1

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Berkley - December 2022

Contemporary Romance

Anderson Kelly had returned to his hometown after being injured in the army, but continued to help others by working as a paramedic firefighter. His work was a calling, and helping his community was fulfilling. His only problems were the awkward encounters with his high school sweetheart. He had broken things off with her after he enlisted, but she had turned to another. And was now a mother.

Bitter words, hurt and regret separated them.

Chelsea Davis had always envisioned a future with Anderson, but now her future was her and her son. When Anderson comes to the senior center where she works, Chelsea is aware of all the feelings that had never disappeared. She agrees to Anderson's suggestion to once again be friends, but is cautious.

But this time, they are older. More mature. And have the firefighters and senior citizens helping their romance along.

Coming Home is an enjoyable reunion romance filled with engaging characters which make it a perfect introduction to Ms Gray's new Woodland Park Firefighters Romance series. Anderson and Chelsea still hold love for each other, but they are quick to acknowledge that they are different people than the kids they had once been. It was lovely to watch them get to know one another again, Anderson's interactions with Chelsea's son, and their own healing. There is also a second storyline of one of the seniors which was very entertaining. I look forward to the next in this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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