Sycamore Circle

The Rumors in Ross County Series - Book 2

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Blackstone Publishing - February 2023

Contemporary Romance

Samuel Beauman, Bo to everyone, wasn't the type of guy to stand in line and then pay too much money for coffee. Neither was he the type of guy to become mesmerized by a woman and try to pick her up. Or at least make an introduction. But that was exactly what happened the moment Bo laid his eyes on Joy Howard. He couldn’t leave the coffee shop without meeting her. The more Bo learned about Joy, the more interesting he found her, and wanted to spend even more time with her. She was kind to everyone, patient with those she was helping, and a wonderful mother to her daughter. She was everything he would want. But he knew he might not be everything she would want.

Joy was surprised to be the center of attention of the younger stranger who approached her, but couldn't deny she was pleased... and equally interested. As she got to know Bo, she saw a hard-working, caring man. His past didn't concern her, it was his dedication to help other ex-cons that mattered now.

When threatening notes arrive, it is Bo that she turns to. And it is Bo who is determined to keep her safe.

Sycamore Circle is a fun, sweet addition to Shelley Shepard Gray's new The Rumors in Ross County series. Bo is a wonderful hero, trying to keep the guys on the right path. Joy is dedicated to her daughter and helping others. I loved watching Bo and Joy find their happiness together. There are some additional side stories that were included and equally enjoyable. I look forward to returning and reading more stories set in Ross County.

Kathy Andrico -


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