Save the Last Dance

The Dance With Me Series - Book 3

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Blackstone Publishing - November 2020

Contemporary Romance

Kimber Klein had recently retired from a successful career as a model, and was glad that life was behind her. She had enough money that she didn’t need to work, but she needed to do something. So far, she busied herself by helping others, including volunteering at the elementary school library, and assisting her sister at the dance studio. She also really liked being able to eat what she wanted, and when she wanted, especially since one of her roommates was a brilliant cook and enjoyed experimenting. She now never had to say no. She had thought her modelling life was behind her, until one day when her tires were slashed and she feared a stalker from her past had resurfaced.

Gunnar Law was still adjusting to his new life. He had taken in a teenaged foster son, and the two of them were slowly settling in together. They were also discussing making everything official with adoption. They help Kimber when she is stuck with two flat tires, and Gunnar sees not just a beautiful woman who was a model. He sees a beautiful woman who helps others and seems a perfect addition to their life.

Save the Last Dance is the perfect ending to the Dance With Me series. Gunnar is a wonderful hero, worried about making the right decisions, dedicated to his new son, and fearful of his mother. Well, not really, but it was endearing to see his reaction to her. It is interesting to see Kimber work at finding her new footing post-modeling career. I loved how she took an interest in volunteering, both officially at the school, and simply with her sister. I am sad to leave Bridgeport, but look forward to Ms Gray's next series.

Kathy Andrico -


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