Shall We Dance

The Dance With Me Series - Book 1

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Blackstone Publishing - February 2020

Contemporary Romance

Shannon Murphy was a sibling. It was something she hadn't known, and now not only has she found her two sisters, but all three of them were going to live together. It would be challenging as although they were blood, they were still strangers to one another, but it was also exhilarating. Having been a champion competitive dancer growing up, Shannon had now opened a dance studio in Bridgeport, Ohio. She worked on the first floor, and the three of them would live upstairs. Shannon was really enjoying what she was doing, which explained why she was a bit more than miffed when she learned her newest student was only there because he had lost a bet.

Honesty probably wasn't always the best policy if you were telling a professional dancer that you were being forced to be there, but Dylan Lange was able to encourage Shannon to continue with the lesson. And it was much better than he ever expected. It had definitely been good to smooth things over with Shannon, as their lives continued to intersect outside of dancing. Dylan was a police officer, and not only was his new partner one of Shannon's sisters, but his own sister, Jennifer, had made friends with her. This was an important step as Jennifer had been attacked and was only now venturing out into life again.

Shall We Dance is a sweet romance brimming with characters, relationships and love. I loved the idea of three sisters discovering each other and coming together to start new lives in a new town. Their different backgrounds makes each sister unique, but they are all equally caring. It was difficult to see Jennifer's setbacks as she struggles to overcome the violence of her past, but equally joyful to see her triumphs. Best of all was watching Shannon and Dylan work through their issues and come together. I really hope to see both of Shannon's sisters find heroes of their own.

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