All In

Bridgeport Social Club Series - Book 2

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Blackstone Publishing - February 2019

Contemporary Romance

Meredith Hunt was finally happy with how she was living her life. No longer attempting to please her mother, she ditched the career that didn't fit her and had opened her own Pilates studio. She also volunteered at the local high school. When she is pushed down and has her bag stolen, it is one of those students and his father that come to her rescue. Not only finding her bag, although items were missing, but also helping her out by taking her to urgent care and then home.

Ace Vance had decided to follow his friend and move from West Virginia to Ohio. He felt the change would benefit his son Finn. When he and Finn come to Meredith's rescue, and then spends some time with her, he finds himself cautiously optimistic of a new relationship. However, his first focus is his son. He was learning that Finn's life had been much more difficult with his mother than Ace had ever realized.

All In is a sweet romance with engaging characters facing difficult issues. Due to the difficult relationship with her mother, Meredith has learned not to rely on anyone. Ace is slowly learning the impact of Finn's mother in his life. It was sweet watching them all gravitate to each other. Also highly enjoyable was a friendship that starts between Finn and the next door neighbor. The only drawback was Ace's smoking in his vehicle with his son, and Meredith being rather enchanted by that.

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