Take a Chance

Bridgeport Social Club Series - Book 1

By Shelley Shepard Gray

Blackstone Publishing - September 2018

Contemporary Romance

Kurt Holland had known that there was only one chance for his younger brother to have the opportunity to reach his full potential. So he was now Sam's guardian, and they had moved to start new lives. Sam was in a new school with tougher education that hopefully would mean scholarships. Sam had agreed and was well aware that he needed to study hard and not get into trouble. That was why Kurt was shocked to learn that he had gotten into a fight at school.

Emily Springer could sympathize with Sam's reason for getting into a fight, but as his teacher, and with a zero tolerance for fighting in the school, she couldn't condone it. But Sam was a good kid, and with good intentions, so she was willing to give the extra effort with him. When she meets Kurt, she finds herself fascinated with this man who is willing to give up so much for his younger brother. Kurt and Sam have taken a chance by moving to Bridgeport and Emily definitely wants to take a chance with Kurt.

Take a Chance is a sweet romance with engaging characters struggling with everyday issues. Both Kurt and Sam are trying to adjust to their new surroundings. Finding friends and fitting in is always difficult, but their background seems at first so different than their new neighbors. Luckily, the Bridgeport Social Club, aka poker night, is formed bringing in friends new and old. I enjoyed watching them both grow and adjust. Even better was seeing Kurt and Emily's romance blossom. I look forward to the next story in this series.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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