Short Story in Pets in Space Anthology

By Susan Grant

October 2016

Science Fiction Romance

Lt. Lukas Frank had rescued Bang-Bang from the streets. Bang-Bang had repaid him by introducing him to Capt. Carlynn Riga. The attraction was immediate, the passion fierce, but as in most cases, it was the emotions that held them up. Lukas was working through his PTSD from an incident before he met Carlynn. But in Carlynn's opinion, he wasn't. A fight, and then she was gone on an assignment.

An assignment that should have been simple, but soon turned tragic. And Lukas had no intention of allowing anyone from keeping him and Bang-Bang from rescuing the love of his life.

Stray is what Ms Grant calls a "Star World Glimmer". A short story that doesn't so much give the full romance story arc, but pieces and a story from their relationship. So, with Lukas and Carlynn, readers see parts of their courtship and struggle through flashbacks while the current adventure unfolds. Personally, flashbacks tend to pull me out of a story, but Stray was definitely worth that little inconvenience. I enjoyed watching Lukas and Carly recognizing and facing their issues, together. I also found the threat to Carly quite horrific yet fascinating.

Kathy Andrico -