Borderlands Series - Book 3

(Follows Otherworldly Men Series)

By Susan Grant

HQN - August 2010

Science Fiction Romance

She was a space pirate, and proud of it. Valeeya Blue may be the daughter of the leader of the Blue clan, but raiding was in her blood. She was finally in charge of a skiff, and was determined to succeed, when those blasted Surebloods arrived intending to take their prize.

Dake Sureblood was tired of the Blues always taking their prize. The Blues were violating their unwritten rules, and he was done with it. He wouldn't turn around. His father had died before accomplishing his goal of uniting the various clans. Now Dake had that same dream, but he knew that they would have to work together and the Blues had to stop cutting in on their raids. He led his raiders to confront the Blues.

The Blues and Surebloods may have initially fought one another, but they quickly learn that they have a common enemy. They seamlessly work together to a triumphant outcome and uniting the clans seems to have a promising start. But Dake's goal quickly expands to include Val.

Sureblood was yet another fascinating visit to the Borderlands . After reading about the orderly world in the first two stories, these clans burst from the pages raucously demanding their due. Dake is determined that their clans can work together, but Val is a bit more hesitant. The same can be said about their relationship. Dake is a hero certain that their love can prevail, and I adore him for that. My only issue with this story, it is that the back blurb covers over half of the storyline and I kept waiting for those events to unfold.

Kathy Andrico -

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