Passion Ignites

Dark Kings Series - Book 7

By Donna Grant

St. Martin's - November 2015

Paranormal Romance

Thorn had been sent with Darius to Edinburgh to hunt the Dark. No matter how many they disposed of, there were always more. Although humans were easy prey to the lure of the Dark, one human seemed to be somewhat immune. Not just that, she appeared to be hunting them herself. Thorn knew this would be a folly, she could not win in a fight against a Dark. Regardless of how brave and determined she was to avenge her friend.

Lexi had only one thought - find the Red Eyes who had killed her friend. She knew the police didn't believe her, she hardly could believe it herself. There were people with red eyes all around Edinburgh, and she knew they were responsible for the deaths of more people than just Christina. So she decided to stay in Edinburgh and miss Christina's funeral so she could keep her promise to find her friend's killer.

She is aware that there is something unusual about the Red Eyes, but she could never anticipate what she would soon stumble across. Dragons, real life dragons, or at least immortal men who could turn into dragons, and kill the Dark, fae who had turned evil and preyed on humans. She was inexplicably drawn to one of the Dragon Kings, but he tried to remain distant. Lexi knew it might be the smart choice to return home and leave the hunting of the Dark to the Dragon Kings, but sometimes the smart choice wasn't the right choice.

Passion Ignites was an action packed romance from cover to cover. The battle against the Dark is immediate, and Lexi, Thorn, and a host of other characters are constantly battling this enemy. I enjoyed Lexi and her reactions to learning the truth of a world she knew nothing about. I had not read any previous books in this series, and it is obvious that there were storylines that continued into this story, and continue on to the next. However, there is completion for the romance between Thorn and Lexi. It was easy to follow along with the storyline, and the unfinished issues will certainly urge readers to continue to the next Dragon Kings story.

Kathy Andrico -

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