The Cat in the Christmas Tree

Short Cat Stories

Edited By Callie Smith Grant

Revell - October 2022


It's the Christmas season. The beautiful tree full of ornaments. Decorations abound, some antique, others new, all generate their own memories. Family, guests, and parties. Every detail is attended to.

But then, add in a cat. Or two.

If you've ever had a cat during the Christmas season, you know that mayhem can ensue. Whether it is a downed Christmas tree, broken ornaments, gifts given (by the cat), or something eaten that shouldn’t be. This is a collection of over 20 stories by people reminiscing about cats, and their antics.

And proving that sharing the season with these feline friends makes the holidays shine even brighter.

The Cat in the Christmas Tree is the perfect book for any cat lover to read for Christmas. The quick stories are great while waiting at an appointment or for a quick read (or two or three) before sleep. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories, and they made me remember kitties I've had over the years, and their quirky Christmas antics.

Kathy Andrico -


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