The Autumn Bride

The Chance Sisters Series - Book 1

By Anne Gracie

Berkley Sensation - February 2013

Historical Romance

Abigail Chantry was in a quandary. She worked as a governess and loved the children as her own. Unfortunately, the parents did not reciprocate her caring, and when she has to choose between saving her sister Jane and her job, she chose Jane. She may have put aside some money, but it quickly dwindled. Not only was she taking care of her younger sister, but also her two new sisters - two young ladies who helped save Jane when she was abducted. Abby decided her only choice was thievery.

Luck was with Abby when she broke into a mansion and discovered Lady Beatrice Davenham bedridden and neglected. Abby's goals quickly changed from not only saving her sisters, but also Lady Beatrice from her nasty employees. Soon, Lady Beatrice, who was quickly recovering her spirit, convinced Abby and her sisters to move in with her as her nieces.

Max, Lord Devenham, had inherited a vast amount of debt along with his title. In order to salvage anything, he had left to earn his fortune abroad. He had thought his aunt was well taken care of. He immediately returned to England when he suspected something was wrong, and was enraged to see that four young women had taken over his aunt's home, and the appalling treatment she had endured at their hands. He soon learned the truth that they had helped her, but that didn't mean that they were actually part of her family.

He was soon to learn otherwise.

The Autumn Bride was an entertaining historical with quite a unique set of characters and circumstances. It is not your everyday heroine who rescues women from a brothel and resorts to thievery, but Abby is a heroine of the truest sort. Max might at first seem to be neglectful of his familial duties, but he is nothing if not caring of his aunt. I enjoyed all the characters and am quite excited that since it has been awhile since the publication of this book - all four stories in the Chance Sisters series are already published and ready for me to read.

Kathy Andrico -