The Wolverine and the Jewel

Legends of Mynos - Book 2

By Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing - May 2007

Fantasy Romance

She didn't know her name, where she was from, or how she'd arrived in the field. All she knew was that she had been viciously beaten, and found by Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth, a Wolverine Knight, and had been brought to Castle Templestone.

Sebastian may not know the lady's past, but that didn't matter. He named her Jewel, after the large jewel she wore on her neck, and he vowed nobody would hurt her again.

When they inadvertently enlighten the evil Lord Merric of Jewel's location, her safety is again at risk. Merric will go to any lengths to bring her back, at the expense of many lives. It is only together, with the help of Mynos, the dragon, that they will be able to identify the secret of her jewel, and bring the downfall of Merric.

I was very excited when I learned The Wolverine and the Jewel was released. I had truly enjoyed the previous book, The Wolverine and the Rose, and was intrigued as to the direction Rebecca Goings would take this series. I was not disappointed in the least. There was action throughout, further development in the story of Mynos, and we visit with characters from the first book. In her writing, Ms Goings excels at reflecting the passion her characters feel for one another. However, I was a bit upset with the number of deaths in this book, some of whom were prominent secondary characters. If you are reading for pure escapism, this story is a bit somber with both the deaths, and the brutal attack and attempted rape of Jewel. Overall, I am extremely pleased that I chose to start reading this series, and impatiently await the next installment.

Kathy Andrico -