The Wolverine and the Flame

Legends of Mynos - Book 3

By Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing - August 2007

Fantasy Romance

Before his best friend's death, Sir Ethan of Krey had promised to take care of his sister should anything happen to him. Then Ethan had the unpleasant task of turning over his friend's sword to his sister, Meghan. He deeply mourned his friend, but Meghan was devastated. True to his word, Ethan knew to help Meghan, she would need to return with him to Castle Templestone. She needed time to heal, and visit her brother's grave.

Ethan also wanted time to get to know Meghan better. He enjoyed her company, was attracted to her, but feared moving too quickly. After all, she was mourning her brother. Ethan had never before felt such inclinations to settle down, in fact, he loved to flirt with Sir Sebastian's wife, Jewel. Although he had once fancied her, he now continued to do so to annoy Seb. Now, however, Ethan realized how shallow those feelings for her had been when compared to how he felt for Meghan.

Meghan felt lost. She was now alone in the world. Yet she wasn't. She had a new protector, a man who had been best friends with the brother she had loved. He was a connection to him, but Meghan felt more for him than just kinship. Meghan knew she wasn't as attractive or as sophisticated as the many women Ethan had been around, and she knew for a fact that he'd been around.

Yet it was Meghan that Ethan fancied and wanted to court, but as can be expected for the Wolverines, Ethan does not have an uneventful courtship. A new gem had been identified. It was evil, and when touched, the evil spread and consumed the handler. Soon, Meghan's life is in jeopardy, and Ethan must come to terms with the strength of his love for her. And that isn't even the worst danger that everyone faces.

I am saddened that The Wolverine and the Flame is our last foray into Castle Templemore and the Wolverines. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. I was looking forward to reading this story. I knew that there would be action, adventure, fascinating characters, and a wonderful romance. I was not in the least disappointed. However, it was a little bittersweet, and I do hope that Ms Goings decides to visit here again.

Kathy Andrico -