Hearts Eternal

Cursed Hearts - Book 1

By Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing - November 2006

Paranormal Romance

Cassie Chapman had finally found the one man who she was attracted to, and who intrigued her, but he claimed that he was a ghost, and she was the reincarnation of his true love. She didn't believe him at first, but was quickly compelled to.

Lord Laith Moreland had found true love. Centuries earlier, they both had been killed, and he had been cursed. Now he lived as a ghost, searching for the reincarnation of his shelmir, his soulmate. Finding Cassie was only the first step in breaking the curse. They would have to hold off from making love until the time was right, while protecting Cassie from his greatest enemy - his twin brother. For it was Jareth who had caused their deaths, and had cursed himself to find Cassie.

Hearts Eternal was an interesting story about true love overcoming all obstacles, including centuries of time, and death itself. To me, it had a slightly "gothic" tone, where the unfolding events seem to be out of the hands of the characters. It was also fascinating to watch Jareth, the seemingly unrepentant villain, knowing that he is to be the hero in the sequel. I'm rather intrigued to find out how Ms. Goings redeems him.

Kathy Andrico - GottaWriteNetwork.com