The B*E*A*S*T Within

B*E*A*S*T Series - Book 1

By Rebecca Goings

Champagne Books - October 2006

Paranormal Romance

Was he friend, someone who would save and protect her? Or was he foe, someone lying and out to harm.

Lanie Erickson had swerved and been in an accident after she had seen a white tiger. A tiger, here. The man, Noah Carpenter, came to her rescue and told her the tiger was a friend, and wouldn't hurt her. But Noah wouldn't take her to the hospital. He said that a secret agency was after him, and now since she was involved, they would be out for her as well.

It was with great regret that Noah brought Lanie with him. He knew that the life that she had known was now over. The agency out to get him would stop at nothing to get him, and they would now use any means at their disposal on Lanie as well. They couldn't contact her family or their lives could also be forfeit.

Why was there such danger? Noah didn't know. All he knew was the time after he had been caught, after they had tortured him, and after they had turned him into a monster. But Noah wasn't the true monster. It was the scientists at B*E*A*S*T who had experimented on him and the others that were the monsters.

Now on the run together, Noah and Lanie must hide from the evil stalking them. They will try to uncover the truth of Noah's identity and life from before his abduction. And Lanie will learn what it means to be the mate of a product of B*E*A*S*T.

The B*E*A*S*T Within is non-stop adventure from the very beginning. Noah has recently escaped from the compound, and has just found Lanie. They immediately are on the run. I typically enjoy more secondary characters in a story, but there are truly only three in this story, and it worked. This story is focusing more on the fear of the agency, the fact that there are more prisoners, and this hopefully will allow for further development of additional characters in the future.

Rebecca Goings has started her B*E*A*S*T series with a phenomenal read. I can't wait for more.

Kathy Andrico -